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RBD 50cc Backpack with TillerRBD 50cc Backpack with Tiller

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Brush Cutter

RBD 50cc Backpack with Tiller

Technical Specifications:

Brand: RBD

Shaft Type: Flexible Shaft

Power Source: Petrol

Cutter Type: 80T, 3T Blade

Cutter RPM: 5250 RPM (7,000 RPM)

Displacement: 50 CC

Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.800 Liter

Ignition System: Transistorized Magneto

Air Cleaner: Semi-Dry

Starting System: Recoil Starter

Key Features:

1. Fuel Efficiency and Easy Maintenance:

Boasts a fuel-efficient engine for cost-effective outdoor tasks.

Easy start and maintenance features for a hassle-free experience.

2. Premium 4 Stroke 50CC Backpack Brush Cutter:

Features a premium 4-stroke engine with 1.5kw power at 7000RPM.

0.800-liter fuel tank for extended operation in various tasks.

3. Versatility and Power:

Designed for multi-use, handling tasks like vegetation clearing and lawn maintenance.

Petrol engine with air-cooled technology ensures powerful performance.

4. Easy Start and Strong Output:

Unique easy start design for faster and easier starting.

Strong and reliable output with high fuel efficiency.

5. Outstanding Performance and Universal Compatibility:

Gear case demonstrates outstanding performance.

Ergonomic and strong grip design for comfort during extended use.

6. Super Strength for Effortless Work:

Provides super strength for tackling even the toughest tasks.

7. Included Accessories for Ultimate Convenience:

Comes with Tap & Go, 3T blade, 80T blade, Tiller, and Tool kit.

Enhances versatility for customized tasks.

Uses of the RBD 50cc Backpack with Tiller:

Vegetation Clearing: Tackle overgrown areas effortlessly.

Lawn Maintenance: Keep your lawn pristine with precision.

Roadside Vegetation Control: Maintain clear and safe roadsides.

Field and Pasture Maintenance: Ensure the health of your fields and pastures.

Clearing Invasive Species: Combat unwanted vegetation effectively.

Trail and Path Maintenance: Keep trails and paths well-maintained for safe passage.

Benefits and Advantages:

Anti-Drop System: Enhances safety during operation.

Multifunctionality: One tool, multiple applications.

Environmentally Friendly: Designed with eco-conscious features.

Easy to Operate: User-friendly for both professionals and beginners.

Anti-Vibration System: Reduces operator fatigue during extended use.

Allows Precise Trimming and Shaping: Achieve the desired landscaping results with ease.

In Conclusion: The RBD 50cc Backpack with Tiller transcends the ordinary gardening tool, offering a comprehensive solution for all landscaping needs. Its powerful blend of efficiency, strength, and versatility positions it as a top choice for outdoor maintenance excellence. Invest in the RBD 50cc Backpack and empower your outdoor endeavors with confidence.

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